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We are a relatively small, friendly and personal business that exists purely to satisfy our customers’ needs. We started in business as we were sick and tired of being ripped off by local computer services that took forever to get your computer fixed. One company took 3 weeks to repair my laptop and charged me £90 for a DC jack (should have been around £60).

We work from home to keep costs down- we don’t believe in spending money when it simply isn’t necessary- our costs are reasonable (we need to make a profit after all), however we understand that people having something repaired are often on a budget so we keep costs as low as we possibly can.

There are two of us that work in the business. Glenn Hughes is the owner and day to day contact. Glenn has been involved with IT for the last fifteen years, the last two in computer repairs and also has a search engine optimisation business as well- called SEO Wales or Fix My Broken Website.

Sammy Galang is our senior technician, having previously owned his own business operating from the market in Bridgend. Sammy is really friendly, has extensive knowledge and there is probably nothing that he hasn’t seen before in terms of IT problems. You never know though- the internet and technology changes every day- who knows what will happen next!

We come to you, you can drop your computer to us, or if the repair will take a little time to get sorted out, we can work on it overnight in our repair shops. We never look at personal data and make absolutely sure that if we possibly can, your data is kept safe from harm. We take particular care with photographs as they cannot be replaced- most times you can get hold of a document- a photo is a far more important thing (I guess depending on the document).

Many of our customers return to us for advice, help and support and recommend us to their friends. In fact, most of our business comes from word of mouth. If you would like some advice, just pick up the phone or email and if we can help, we will- no obligation, we do this all the time.

It is a bit of a cliche to say that happy customers make paydays happen- we absolutely do believe this to be true and do everything possible to get your machine back up and running as quickly as possible with the least possible disruption to your life. We know that you need your computer or laptop- we need ours as well so we do all we can to help.