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Our Articles and their Categories

We have written quite a lot of articles, hints and tips and some observations that we pick up day to day on the internet and in other places as well (we still read books). There is hardly a day that goes by without us finding out something new or interesting that may just help people out. Keep coming back as we update this section regularly if we find out something useful and interesting.

There is a lot of rubbish on the internet- we try and sift that information and publish it here for 3 reasons:

(1)  We hope it will be of interest to our customers

(2)  It helps our search engine rankings as the search engines index the articles and keep coming back as we update it often.

(3)  It helps us organise our thoughts- sometimes you get better understanding about a subject area when you write it down and try and explain it to someone else

There are 7 categories of articles on this site. Some articles are categorised in more than one category as they cross boundaries and are related to other topics. Most of the articles are classifies under Search Engine Optimisation as well as another category. Explanations and brief descriptions can be found below:

Computer Buying / Upgrading

In this section you will find advice, news, latest releases and the like concerning the purchse of computers and laptops, where the best deals are likely to be, where to get the best value and so on.
You will also find helpful information advising what sort of upgrades are available, what they are likely to cost and what benefit that you are likely to see from them. If something is worth upgrading, we will tell you- if it better to buy a new machine, we’ll tell you here as well

Computer Hardware

Computer hardware is the physical stuff that you can feel and touch. Hard disk drives, laptop screens, RAM, dvd drives and the like come under this category. Articles posted here will focus on common problems, what to do in case things go wrong, where to go to get them fixed and the like.

Computer Maintenance

Articles posted here will help you understand the simpole things that you can do to get the best from your system through preventative maintenance. Ultimately, we will post video tutorials here, walking you through the various steps that you can take to stop problems before they even start. Please check back- we have recorded a lot of videos and they will be posted as soon as we can get them online.

Computer Security

This section will show articles about keeping you, your family and your data safe. Whether it’s choosing the best anti-virus software, encrypting and password protecting your documents and internet settings or if you are concerned about internet safety, resources will be available here.

Computer software

Software is generally not seen physically- these are the programs that run on your computer and allow you to do the fun things. Whether it’s a discussion on the best free software to put on your computer, a review of some accounts software or anything else software related, if we’ve written about it, you will find it here.

Computer Peripherals

Printers, scanners, disc drives, backup devices, etc are all discussed here. We discuss buying advice, choosing the best type of peripheral and the like conveniently files in this section

General Computer Advice

Often you will find that articles and video’s just don’t fit into a convenient category. These articles will be put here and we will also tend to replicate the positioning of the articles into this section so if you are looking for some information elsewhere- come back here and try.