Computer Virus On My Computer- Never!

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What is a computer virus? Basically, it infects your computer in much the same way as a cold or influenza virus infects a human. Just like biological viruses, computer viruses can be something insignificant- written by a skinny geek in his bedroom. Alternatively, they can be as serious a swine flu- written by expert programmers, attempting to raise money from you, crash your computer, steal your data or worse.

Even these less sinister malware programs can create problems for the computer user. They typically take up computer memory used by legitimate programs. As a result, they often cause erratic behavior and can result in system crashes. In addition, much malware is bug-ridden, and these bugs may lead to system crashes and data loss.

This results in slowing down of the computer, but it is also very difficult to find and stop the problem- help is at hand. Make sure you run a scan through the control panel interface of your Anti-virus software. Most anti-virus programs will have a scan utility- run it and follow the instructions if the scan reveals that you have a virus on your PC.

Trojans, key loggers, more serious malware and even computer worms can cause you massive problems, lose money, and even fund terrorism, criminality and worse. Basically, they program is written with the very serious intent of harm or extortion. To protect yourself against these very real threats, you need to have an excellent anti-virus program running on your computer at all times. We recommend AVG anti-virus. Their software is not only free- in my opinion, it out performs the most common commercial programs

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