New Rash Of Trojan Viruses Hits The UK- Think Point

November 17, 2010  |   News,News   |     |   0 Comment

As I’m writing this, my son has just handed me his laptop with what he thinks is a Trojan. Even though we have up to date anti-virus software on all our home computers, sure enough it is a virus. This one mimics windows security centre and is pretty difficult to shift- even though he knows better, he clicked and accepted information that he thought was correct and it wasn’t. This virus is called Think point but there are many that share similar characteristics

The message is that even though your anti-virus software is current, please look out for these annoying programs. what they seem to have in common is that purport to be helping you through highlighting security issues with your machine, however these alerts are themselves the virus. They then try and divert you to a website that takes your cash and effectively extorts money from you

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