Way of Negotiating the Inspection Phase for Buying a Los Angeles Home

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Leaving many other buyers upset you have become a successful purchaser of a Los Angeles home for sale 90047 and congratulations to you for that. You negotiated your way with your Los Angeles Realtor to this stage. There are more negotiations what are not less important than the purchase. 

As your agent helped you to write a clean offer which consists a short inspection contingency period, you could become a buyer of choice. 17 days is the standard time period according to the contract, although no listing agent would allow that to stay. I would like to be aggressive and take five days to write. You can always get inspector or inspectors quickly if needed. 

As a buyer of homes for sale Los Angeles CA 90047 you should be present at the time of inspection to know the verbal findings and for asking pertinent questions. You can expect the written report within 1 or 2 days to have a review of the results.  

Among many different kinds of reports the last one would be my preference. Many of the inspectors like to draw concentration to the problems by marking them in red and providing codes to them, like suggest further investigation, suggest repair etc. Because of this process the report becomes easy to read and we lean to zone in on those points. It may raise alarm to the property which are about to collapse. 

The inspector must care about every possibility for legal reasons and interpret the report with care. That’s why I liked the yesterday report from an inspector as he highlighted nothing and told just the story. The story is known to us as he had explained it to us. Except the only major problem of air-conditioning there was no other minor problem. 

To address an inspection report, we need to use our common sense and address the issues of major concern: 

•Cracks •Electrical system •Heating or air conditioning that is out of order •Roof that needs immediate repair •Cracks of chimney•Major escapes•Termites •If there is mold, give it to a touch
 The minors are:

•GFI plugs (circuit breakers). Missing stoppers in the sink•Missing light bulbs•Broken door handles or broken screen doors •Problem to close the door properly

These first set should be addressed either by demanding repair or a credit. If the request is sent to the seller he may counter or agree with your request. I would not suggest you to place the request for second set in this market. 
 You should negotiate the repair stage carefully although it depends on your budget and how much you want the house. So at the end I can say that now you are prepared and apply your knowledge in practical for negotiating the inspection phase of purchasing house in Los Angeles. 

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